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Master Workshops & Seminars

Margo’s group workshops—at schools, colleges, churches and businesses—are unique and transformative events.

They help participants

They help singers grow as artists and get to the next level of vocal production and performance. Margo creates a safe, yet challenging place, where singers can face their fears, make mistakes, and learn from each other.

Beyond Performing

The value of these workshops extends beyond the vocal skills that are taught. The skills required to perform a song are the same skills required to lead a successful life—believing in yourself, working hard, reaching out for support, and supporting others.

Master Workshop: Breathing and Performance

Solid Skills, Solid Singers

The intention of instruction in these workshops is to arm students with a solid grounding in correct vocal technique and skills so that when they practice at home, they are practicing the correct things—not wasting their time practicing incorrectly.

I clear up common misunderstandings and teach healthy,  proper vocal technique. This clears the path for students to make real progress in their singing ability.

Breathing Instruction

Top-notch Musicians

Work with the best in the business! Students spend an entire day working on their song with top-notch musicians. These artists are widely known in the industry for being at the peak of their profession. Supportive and friendly, they work with students one-on-one, so students learn about rhythm, tempo, harmony, phrasing and style with the best in the business.

Learn from the Pros

Students watch and discuss video of world-class performers with comment and narrative from Margo. This exercise allows students to understand—in the most specific way—the skills and tools that performers use to be dynamic, entertaining and unique.

Rehearsal and Performance

Singers spend the day working with the entire band and Margo, to refine and perfect their performance. Students watch all rehearsals so they can continue learning by watching and listening to other singers.

Students perform at a local restaurant or nightclub, in front of a live audience with the band, incorporating their new skills into their performance. A video of the performance is made so students can see and hear themselves on stage and continue learning and honing their craft.


Vocal Group Workshops



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