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Vocal Coach — Margo LeDuc

Individual Lessons

Working with Margo is a transformative experience for both your voice and your life. That’s because her approach is personal—she views the singer as a whole person—not just a set of vocal chords.

Private lessons with Margo are about hard work and heart—correcting technical problems and nurturing the creative artist within.

Learn From A Performer

As a professional singer, Margo has the performance experience and industry knowledge that’s essential for singers. Margo provides singers with the practiced focus of a dedicated professional.

Learn From An Experienced, Professional Teacher

As a professional teacher, Margo provides a unique combination of performance experience combined with musical intuition and diagnostic insight. For example, her ability to identify underlying skill needs such as inadequate breathing enables students to make major improvements. Her world-class innovation, the Vocalator™, is an example of the creative spirit she brings to helping her students.

Tracie writes . . .

I am excited about this process I've begun in working with you. I have always wanted to sing professionally. Now I'm gaining confidence in my voice and I'll soon be ready to share it with others. more


Singing Workshop in Pismo Beach brings singers together in a transformative environment.




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