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Your Best Voice

Voice by Margo vocal training CDs are an integral part of the road to improved vocal tone, increased power, and free self-expression. This 2-CD set is used for daily vocal warm-up and exercise to promote vocal strength, power, and flexibility.

Range, Endurance, Agility

The exercises are designed to increase a singers’ range, endurance, and agility. The tempo and range of Margo’s exercises force singers to breath correctly and quickly. Students learn the same breathing depth and pace required of professional singers.

It is highly recommended that the CDs are used in conjunction with private lessons to ensure that singers are doing the exercises correctly and that progress is made.

What Does The Voice by Margo CD Cost?

The 2-disk CD, available exclusively from Margo Le Duc with all the vocal exercises you need is just $24.95 + $4.95 Shipping & Handling.

Can I Order Several And Get A Price Break?

Yes! Call Margo at 1-510-552-6517 or email Margo for group discounts.






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