When I first got to the Rose Bowl, the location where auditions were held, I didn’t know what to expect. Most people were quiet and just waiting for everything to begin. It started at 5 in the morning with a lot of promotional shots that lasted well until 11 am.

After the shots were done the producers began explaining the audition process. There were 12 tents set up in the stadium and we would go in groups of four. They emphasized that personality would be counted just as much as singing skill in these first rounds before seeing the celebrity judges.

Hours passed and a huge line formed to audition in those 12 tents. There were approximately eleven thousand people auditioning that day. It wasn’t required of us to stay in the stadium so I often walked around the outside area to cool off because it was too hot inside.
Outside people rehearsed their songs. Most people sang very quietly but a few sang really loud. It was easy to see who spent the most time practicing and who didn’t. I met a lot of people as well. The people I met were in choir and their voices were really small. I asked them if they’d sing louder once they auditioned and they said “yeah but I’m trying to save my voice” which for some reason sounded a bit weird to me. One girl, though, had a really interesting timber. She sang “Killing me Softly.”

I would say most people sang slow songs but most people that a golden ticket in the first round would dance and have a lot of motion. Also, a lot of people with amazing singing ability did not get through and I’m thinking it’s because they didn’t have a lot of personality (whatever that means.)

The whole experience was worth it. I got to meet a lot of people in which I could compare myself to and I was happy to find out I wasn’t alone. I got really inspired by the people that sang better than me because it’s more apparent what I need to work on. And I got to meet a lot people who are my friends on facebook now.

American Idol Experience (Victor)

Dear Margo,

Today I got my first paying gig as a jazz singer!

When I started taking lessons with you, you told me that if I did everything that you told me to, I’d learn how to sing. You were right.

Whenever I thank you, you say it was I who did all the work. That’s not true. I have had other voice teachers, and have done as much work as I’ve done with you, with very little change.

A student can work day and night – but without a great teacher – it won’t matter. You are magic. You have an uncanny ability to know what’s going on with my voice and my inner artist-child even before I do.

It’s you.

It’s all you.


Dear Margo,

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your class and how much I got from it and from you.

It was obvious that you really cared about all of your students and cared that we improve and take something permanent from the experience. I know I sure did.

Of all the classes I’ve attended at music camps I can’t think of one that has helped me make a significant advance as much as you did.

I almost always leave the stage of the student concert feeling like I could have done it just a little better. But not this time. It felt really good- Thanks

I hope you come back to camp next year. I also hope we can stay in touch and if you are in SoCal and are available I would like a private lesson.

Dave D.

I just want to tell you that I am excited about this process I’ve begun in working with you. The more I sing the more I want to sing. I have always wanted to sing professionally, all of my life, and I feel that with great discipline and dedication in my vocal work, the sky is the limit. I make sure that I practice daily and do the training exercises that you have taught me. I just wanted to share that with you. Now I am gaining confidence in my voice and I will soon be ready to share it with others.

Thank You Margo!


To Margo LeDuc and her Students,

I would like to convey my thoughts and sentiments regarding my invitation to assist and experience the “Voice by Margo” Retreat. As a professional musician, I have been blessed with a wealth of experiences throughout my life’s journey. I have seen great mansions and been to beautiful places and performed with some great and prominent musicians. In all these wonderful events in my life I realize that the true magic that I derive from all of it is the touching of lives and being touched by those lives.

In this past event, from the time I arrived and met everyone, I saw that there was diversity in the area of background, age, and objectives. With that, I also noted that there was a sense of support within the group that seemed to grow as the hours passed. I have known and performed with Margo for some years now and know the blessings of her ability. What I did not know was to what degree her creative teaching abilities reached. As I saw and listened, I was impressed not just with her but all of the students that showed genuine support of one another. To realize that your mantra soon became….”Going outside the Box!” was not only inspirational but heartwarming.

I positively believe that “VOICE BY MARGO” is something for everyone who has a need to realize the importance of going that extra mile to find the creative side of what is in all of us!

BRAVO to Margo LeDuc and to all of the students I was blessed to share this event with!! Thanks for reminding me of the goodness and resilience that exists when people have dreams that can be shared with one another!! You have touched my heart and I will never forget you!

Your friend and drum instructor

Bill N.